It’s time to take your finances to the next level.

You are an eCommerce business owner that is pretty successful.  You’ve likely grown your business to at least $500k in revenue – maybe $1 million, or even $5 million.  You’ve done so by choosing great products, making intelligent marketing decisions, and hiring some good people.  But you’ve always wondered: If we had someone in charge of financials, could I be at $7 million?  $10 million?  $15 million?

This is a thought that a lot of Amazon and Shopify sellers have.

It’s time to hire a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The problem is that hiring a full-time CFO costs a LOT.  According to, as of June 2022, the average Chief Financial Officer salary in the United States is $415,427.  Even if you go a level lower to a Divison Financial Executive, the average is $253,434.  In addition, if you attempt to hire someone for this position in-house, they likely do not have any eCommerce experience.

Our Virtual Fractional CFO service is right in that sweet spot.  We are fully a part of your team for a fraction of the cost hiring in house, and we have extensive eCommerce experience.

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What can an eCommerce CFO do for me?

At Tall Oak Advisors, we have a systematic process to deliver as much value as possible.  We do this by focusing on “profit-focused accounting”.  Our approach helps you develop a solid foundation for setting and achieving your financial goals by focusing on profitability first.

Here’s how we start your journey with us:

Once we have put a plan together, we become part of your team to help realize your financial goals.  During our free strategy session, we determine what exactly your company needs to achieve those goals.  If you decide that Tall Oak Advisors is the right partner for your team, we may perform some or all of these services:

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eCommerce Accountants

Why Choose Tall Oak Advisors?

Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Etsy, Ebay – No matter where you sell, we’ve got you! Our team has been specially trained for all e-commerce platforms. It’s all we do.

We go through everything with a fine-tooth comb so your books are as accurate as possible.

You need to know your numbers quickly. We ensure all monthly bookkeeping is done by the 15th of the month. Not once – every single time. We are as reliable as the sun coming up.

Instead of being an expense, we focus on how we can drive additional profitability to you.

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The Only Team You Need To Handle Your Finances

Taxes for eCommerce Business Owners

Our team completed over 120 tax returns for eCommerce business owners last year.  We ensure you receive the most tax deductions and credits possible.  We also ensure you are 100% compliant with all State Sales Tax requirements.

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Bookkeeping Services

We ensure your books are rock-solid and accurate.  Our bookkeepers are Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisors, know taxes, and are reliable.  Like clockwork, your books are completed by the 15th of the month.

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Other eCommerce Financial Services

Want to fully outsource your financial department?  We can handle all aspects including running payroll, paying bills (accounts payable), invoicing clients (accounts receivable), and cash flow management.

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Not Sure What To Do Next?

Finances can be difficult. We want to help!

We would love to give you 45 minutes of our time where we can deep dive into your current bookkeeping and financial practices and figure out ways that will free up your time to generate more revenue and profit.

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At the end of our call, you’ll have a clear plan for what you need to do to generate more revenue and profit.

There is absolutely no obligation to work with us. We just want to help every e-commerce business owner on their journey. This stuff is fun for us!